San Diego contains many colleges and universities, and thousands of students are in need of off-campus housing each year. In large cities, condominiums are a popular choice for college students because they offer convenient locations and comfortable living. They are also generally very expensive to rent.

There are many condos available for UC San Diego students. Prices vary based on location, but most run in excess of $1,300 per bedroom per month. Even with a roommate, that is a hefty monthly payment for a college student, and parents who cover a student’s housing bill would probably rather spend less as well.

With Realtaasa co-ownership network, however, students can enjoy the convenience and lifestyle that comes with living in a San Diego condominium;

and parents can enjoy building equity rather than simply throwing money out the window. With the right property, mortgage payments can even be lower than renting—and provide the opportunity to capitalize and profit after graduation.

Condo co-ownership can be set up in several different ways. Many parents of UCSD students buy together and share the mortgage; the students live in the property. This arrangement offers lower risk for all investors, and ensures comfortable living situation; those living in the condo may already be family friends. After graduation, the condo can be sold or rented for ongoing income.

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