In today’s world, making ends meet is harder than ever. Rising costs across the board have kept college graduates living at home, or wasting their time with rentals. It’s becoming harder and harder to get ahead, but thankfully, there’s one way to buck the trend and get planted on your feet faster: co-owning a home. There are many benefits to sharing a home with someone else.

Lower Costs, Less Risk

By sharing the burden of a new home with someone else, you’re splitting the amount of money you have to put down in the long run. From sharing the down payment to splitting the monthly payments, you’re paying less money, which means more in your pockets. Co-ownership can help keep the costs of homeownership lower. Together you’ll be able to increase the down payment up front, which will lower your fixed payments, and the financial burden upon both you and your co-owner. Spending less means having more. Having more translates into you have more room to make smarter decisions with your money. For example premium, longer-lasting appliances are much more affordable and will save you thousands in the grand scheme of things.

Stop Renting and Start Owning

Perhaps the biggest perk to home co-ownership is that you will not have to save for years to buy a house. Leasing can be a significant waste of money for you in the long run. By sharing a home, you significantly reduce the amount of money it costs to get out of the rent game. Co-owning a home not only benefits you, but also those around you. By sharing your home, you are taking part in the sharing economy, reducing costs for everyone by making use of goods and services together.

Co-owning your home is also the more eco-friendly option. Through co-ownership, you are opening the door to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. In sharing a house you are spending less, wasting less, and risking less. You are saving more, living smarter, and living healthier. In a market where home ownership is becoming harder and harder to accomplish co-ownership of a home is the best option for someone who wants to own their own property, but in a more effective way.

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