For good reasons, the number of people in San Francisco opting for property co-ownership is on the rise. Due to the expensive and convenient location SF offers,  property co-ownership allows investors to acquire houses, apartments, condos or other real estate they may not otherwise be able to afford, or would rather not take on by themselves.

For example, the parents of a University of San Francisco student may find other families of their child’s college roommates. Splitting the mortgage will limit the pressure of taking full ownership of the property, as well as limit the risk involved. They can sell the apartment or house after graduation or rent it to other students as a source of income. Since USF costs more than $40,000 per year to attend, this can soften the financial blow of sending kids to college.

But, what San Francisco property should they choose? There are endless options around the Bay Area. One successful strategy is to work with within a network that features others experienced in property co-ownership, such as Realtaasa. At, there are many qualified professional realtors and lenders. You can compare Yelp ratings, and communicate safely and confidently. Plus, there are organizational tools available to assist in the buying and selling process. Lawyers you find on Realtaasa can help write customized co-ownership agreements based on the specific needs of the owners.

For purposes of demonstration, we’ll use the following property—one of many properties for sale in San Francisco, close to school—to illustrate a few advantages of co-ownership.

1450 19th Ave #1 San Francisco, CA 94122

Built in 2000 with separate entrances, private backyard, attached 2 car garage, this two-level condo has 3 beds and 3  baths. It was sold in March this year for $918,000.

When you co-own with two other roommates, the monthly payment per co-owner (in this example) is $1,620 before tax with $30,600 down payment (10%). After tax, with a marginal income tax rate of 25%, your cost will be $1,095. By being a co-owner in this example, you can save thousands over the 4-year period one spends in school. This of course does not even take into account the equity you have accumulated every month.

For specific numbers based on properties you find, you use the co-ownership calculator Realtaasa provides to subscribers at We use the current average 30-year fixed interest rate to come up with the above numbers. This is to help you get some ideas only; pros found on Realtaasa will help you with accurate numbers for your case.

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